When Downtime Is Not An Option

Data centers are critical for all major organizations today. Downtime costs can easily exceed all other costs associated with data center operations. Superior uptime guarantees are vital for companies that aspire to meet customer expectations. In this, EcoDataCenter is a natural partner that can tailor a solution based on your business needs.

We offer an industry leading 100% uptime guarantee for our services. Innovative engineering designs with well-proven technical subsystems allow us to provide high-end solutions at a competitive cost compared to our competitors.


Cost of Downtime

The average cost of an unplanned data center outage amounts to over $740 000, according to the Cost of Data Center Outages 2016 study by Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Power.

Read More About the Study Here.

In a 12-month period, almost 1 in 2 enterprise IT organizations will have experienced a business-impacting outage in their own data centers, according to Uptime Institute®.


Fault Tolerant Power and Cooling Infrastructure

Our power and cooling systems are redundant and can handle individual faults in equipment or if errors in distribution routes arise. In such case the effects of the events are stopped short of the IT operations. We can therefore offer an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 100% availability on power and cooling.


Fully Redundant Compartmentalized Power

Our data centers have redundant medium-voltage grid connections, and have multiple parallel fully-independent power systems with their own transformers, backup generator, UPS and power feeds to ensure maximum availability. Each system is fully compartmentalized all the way to the customer room. Power is distributed with a fully flexible busway system that provides a wide range of power feeds from 1-phase 16A 230V AC, to 3-phase 32A 230V AC or higher. Each cabinet has dual (A + B) power feed as a standard design. Additional C and D power feeds can be provided as an option.


2N Redundant Continuous Cooling

Our data center have fully redundant (2N) A and B cooling systems to provide stable airflow, temperature and humidity. Each system is independently capable of providing all cooling required in all customer rooms. Thermal energy storage in each system provides continuous cooling in the event of a power outage on grid connections. All pumps and fans have variable speed controls to maximize efficiency and have UPS feeds. The average room temperature is controlled at 22°C ± 3° C and a humidity level of 50% ± 10%. This is in line with ASHRAE’s recommendations.