What is Tier IV?

Uptime Institute (the IT industry’s most renowned global standard for designing, building and operating a data center) rank data center’s operational safety from Tier I to Tier IV. Tier I can be compared to a server room with a power connection, whilst Tier IV has fully redundant (double, triple or quadruple) power and cooling systems with 99,99% uptime. Uptime being the same as the time all the servers are up and running. The opposite – downtime – stands for planned or unplanned outages.

EcoDataCenter will be the First Tier IV Data Center in the Nordics

EcoDataCenter is designed  to be the first colocation supplier in the Nordics to achieve Uptime Institute’s Tier IV levels. Most other data centers in the Nordics offer Tier III services. That implies that power and cooling systems continue to run during planned outages for i.e. maintenance. But unplanned outages due to infrastructure issues can occur.

Fully Redundant Infrastructure

A Tier IV data center has a fully redundant infrastructure, often meaning at least double the equipment compared to a Tier III data center. EcoDataCenter aims at achieving Tier IV through an innovative design built on well-tested technical systems. The design combined with our green thinking (closing the loop with maximum energy reuse), gives us a very competitive cost level despite our impressive operational safety.

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