Superior Total Cost of Operations

IT managers face multiple challenges in their daily operation. All businesses today have to cope with the disruptions and opportunities of digitization within a constrained budget environment. Managing your own data center is not likely to be a strategically important component in your IT strategy, which is why increasing numbers of companies are outsourcing their data center operation to third party colocation providers. The logic behind this trend is simply superior Total Cost of Operations (TCO). EcoDataCenter offer unparalleled TCO.

Reduced Capital Expense

It is difficult to right-size a in-house data center.  With us you can avoid new capex, “pay-as-you-grow”, and achieve economies of scale.

Reduced Energy Cost

Our data centers have better PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and lower energy cost than in-house or other colocation data centers in EU.

Lower Operational Expense

We have specialized expertise and processes to run extremely efficient operations that reduce cost and greatly reduces risk of downtime.