Our Value Advantage based on unparallelled TCO

Business managers of today have to be careful in picking the right areas for investment that focus on the core competences critical for future success. Managing your own data center is not likely to be a strategically important component for most companies, which is why increasing numbers of companies are outsourcing their data center operation to third party colocation providers. The logic behind this trend is that colocation  gives a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


TCO includes all relevant costs, including expected downtime costs (D). D is a function of the likelihood of a data center outage multiplied with the cost of a data center outage. The Ponemon Institute’s 2016 Cost of Data Center Outage study quantifies the average cost of an unplanned data center outage to $740,357 for the 67 US data centers in the study. Read more about the study here.


Green Data Centers are Gaining Momentum

Green data centers are gaining momentum with concerns around global warming and increased CO₂ emissions. Being green is particularly relevant to data centers given that they consume enormous amounts of power and also increase heat emissions in the surrounding area. The trend to move to green data centers is gaining traction with much higher growth rates than for the overall market. Reasons why range from a desire to lead development, to a fear of being left behind. EcoDataCenter is the world’s greenest data center. This is also the reason why we are so cost efficient

We Beat Our Competitors’ TCO 100% of the Time

We offer an industry leading 100% uptime guarantee for our services. Together with the lowest TCO in the Nordic countries. This is thanks to our innovative engineering designs with well-proven technical subsystems  – and our green logic. It results in the TCO equation; lower Capex, lower cost of energy and lower Opex.

Reduced CAPEX

Third-party data centers like EcoDataCenter achieve economies of scale. It is difficult to right-size the in-house data center. If you over-specify and over-build, resources will be wasted. Under-building can be even more costly. Colocation allows you to “pay-as-you-grow.”

Reduced Energy Cost

Electricity prices in Sweden are the lowest in the EU and our PUE is outstanding. Thus, we use less electricity and pay less for it compared to other data centers. Total savings in power cost can be as high as 75% compared to an in-house or a colocation data center.


Reduced OPEX

We have specialized expertise and developed processes to design and run extremely efficient operations. We also have greater experience in cost engineered designs and more purchasing power for infrastructure hardware than the traditional in-house data center operator.

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