Highest Physical Security Specifications

There are all kinds of physical security risks in a data center – natural disasters, man-made disasters and accidents, attacks, inside risks from people, fire, and water damage. However, physical security is frequently overlooked, despite its critical importance. We focus on providing co-location spaces that meet highest security specifications.

State of the Art Passive Security

World Class Security at Site

Our location in Falun provides world class security. It is a site with low risks for natural or man-made disasters, such as aircraft, truck or railway accidents. The closest major road is 550 meters away from the site, the nearest railway is 1.7 km and airport 21 km away. No airway corridors or holding stacks for aircrafts waiting to land are nearby. The building footprint relative to total land available is low given the size of the plot. The low lot-coverage ratio provides a wide stand-off zone, i.e., the distance between the building and the closest place to from which an explosive device can be delivered.

Unique Natural Rock Wall Perimeter Protection

EcoDataCenter’s basic approach to site security design is the concept of layers of defense. This means that multiple consecutive layers of protective measures are deployed in concentric circles around our buildings, and within the data center building itself around each private data room. They start from the outer perimeter and move inward to the area of the building or room with the greatest need for protection. The layers are mutually independent and designed to reduce the effectiveness and potential impact of an attack, i.e., each layer is designed to delay and disable an attack as much as possible.

State of The Art Active security


Advanced Security Systems

We use advanced security equipment, techniques and procedures to control and monitor access to our data centers. State-of-the -art security systems are used for detection, screening, monitoring, and actuation and delivery of corrective actions. Reaching the colocation floor requires passing multiple security checkpoints.

Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection

We provide advanced and environmentally friendly fire protection with early smoke detection and fire suppression systems. EcoDataCenter use the next generation Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid that combines outstanding extinguishing performance with an excellent environmental profile.