Clean Power for a Better Future

The electricity available at EcoDataCenter in Falun is 100% renewable. No fossil or nuclear power is available.

We have our base in Sweden that has a very low electricity tax for datacenters. Lifecycle CO₂ emissions from the power we use are extremely low. The CO₂ emissions from electricity generation in Falun is even lower than the average for Sweden and so is the power cost.

What’s good for the environment is also financially sound!


Hydro Power

We have connections to multiple regional hydroelectric power stations with a capacity of 700 MW and national hydro power.


Eco-Friendly CHP Power

The CHP plant next to the site provide 16 MW of power, generated with secondary forest fuels like tree tops or branches.


Wind Power

Our data center has direct utility grid connection to power generated in two wind farms around Falun with a capacity of 20 MW.

Extremely Low CO₂ Electricity Emissions

Sweden has the lowest CO₂ emissions from electricity generation within the EU and among the lowest in the world with 17 grams CO₂eq./kWh. Emissions from the electricity used in the Falun data center is around 8 grams CO₂eq./kWh.

Very Competitive Electricity Prices

Sweden´s low power prices makes it the ultimate place in Europe for a power-intensive data center. The majority of the renewable electricity in Sweden is produced in the northern parts of the country. Multiple large 400 kV utility grid connections pass close to our data center in Falun, reassuring a stable power supply and low electricity prices.

Electricity Prices and CO₂ Emissions from Electricity Generation