What is PUE?

PUE is the ratio between the total amount of energy a data center uses and the amount of energy that the computer equipment uses. Simply put, PUE describes how much energy that is used for cooling, light and other overhead energy. A low PUE number means high energy efficiency.

Leading Electrical and Power Cooling Efficiency

Electrical and cooling systems in EcoDataCenter’s premises have been designed with the highest possible energy efficiency in mind. Our PUE is 1,15 which is outstandingly low for a facility with very high level of operational safety through several redundant systems. We have achieved our low PUE by highly innovative designs in power and cooling systems.

Here are some examples of how we achieve our oustandingly good PUE.

Hi-Tech Cooling Fans

We use continuously adjustable direct drive EC centrifugal fans to cool our data centers based on actual cooling needs to save energy. Fan blades have an aerodynamically optimized shape that reduce power need and noise.


Variable Speed Compressors

We use highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly variable speed compressor with magnetic bearings for cooling in the warmest summer days. They use refrigerants with a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) in the atmosphere.


Variable Frequency Drives

We use variable frequency drives are deployed in water pumps in our cooling systems to save energy. They automatically reduce motor speed and power draw to match lower system loads. Redundancy in pump groups also allow lower speeds.

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