Organisations with large HPC needs

The automotive and airline industry, pharmaceutical companies, research centers and universities are examples of businesses that run intensive computing processes – HPC – and therefore demand server environments to match.

High performance cooling and electricity

Getting enough electricity to power a large HPC facility is a challenge. For many data centers in urban areas, competition for power is high and electricity is in short supply. Thanks to its innovative design and unique solution from Falun Energy and Water, EcoDataCenter’s facility can easily provide for this level of cooling and power.

Modern cooling systems

Another obstacle for HPC is cooling capacity. This is partly due to the number of cooling compressors, how they are constructed and how they are installed, and partly due to electricity supply. EcoDataCenter uses liquid-based cooling built into the racks. Liquid offers 3,800 times higher cooling capacity than air, meaning that our system greatly reduces energy consumption too.

Power for all needs

In urban areas, electricity in the amount needed to power a HPC facility is hard to find. We have a new standard for data center energy effectiveness, while still being able to guarantee electricity for 50MW. Heat from the servers is collected in “chimneys” and the warm air is transformed into water. This means we can recover 30-40 MW in heat from the facility with minimal energy loss. This heat is then used in Falun’s heating and cooling systems and any excess helps to produce wood pellets – a way to store fossil-free energy.

Climate positive data center

EcoDataCenter is the world’s first climate positive data center. The more energy we use, the more CO savings we make. This is down to our renewable electricity supply, our outstanding PUE (1.15) and world-class heat recovery system. In addition, we use a cooling method that has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 0-1 and complies with greenhouse gas regulations. All this creates sustainable, energy efficiency – good for the bottom line and good for the environment.

What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?

HPC is a high-performance supercomputer cluster – it uses parallel processes to perform large amounts of advance, complex calculations in an efficient, reliable and fast way. A HPC facility has a totally different density than an ordinary data center and is measured in the number of kilowatts per rack. This density places high demands on the cooling and heating solutions.

Sweden’s safest HPC facility is found in Falun

Organisations that work with HPC, for example the automotive and airline industries, medicine and research, have high demands for the physical security of the server rooms. EcoDataCenter’s facility has a solution that makes it extremely difficult to gain access to the HPC environment. We have physical walls, electric and double steel fences, as well as robust alarms, CCTV and permanent guards.

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