What is Energy Reuse Effectiveness (ERE)?

ERE describes the energy recovery in a data center. In most data centers, the surplus heat is not reused, but being released straight into the atmosphere. The microclimate around the data center is affected by the so-called “heat island” that results from the emission of heat. This can lead to changing life conditions for both flora and fauna – among other things. If, instead, the surplus heat is recycled and used to heat buildings or drive an industrial process, the data center has a high ERE.

All Surplus Heat from our Data Centers is Reused

Equipment in a data center, like servers, generate heat. We reuse this heat. Our data centers in Falun are integrated with a Combined Heat and Power plant.The heat from the data center can thereby be reused for heating buildings or providing heat to industrial processes. Reusing heat from the data center eliminates the CHP’s marginal use of fossil fuels (like LPG and heating oil) in winter.

Our Surplus Heat produces Renewable Wood Pellets

The heat from our data center in Falun will be used for the drying process in the nearby wood pellets factory. Normally it closes during winter, due to lack of district heating. With the help of our surplus heat, more renewable wood pellets can be produced. It can in turn be used in the district heating system and to other customers who otherwise use fuel oil for heating.

Heat from the Data Center is Used for District Heating

Heat from our data center in Falun is used in the district heating system during the winters. This eliminates the need for heat production with fossil fuels like gas and oil that have high CO₂ emissions. This, combined with the CO₂ savings from wood pellets production, exceeds the total carbon dioxide emissions from the data center’s electricity consumption over a year. The net effect is a reduction of the total CO₂ emissions in the energy ecosystem. This makes us the first CO₂ positive data center in the world.

Heat Pumps for a Sustainable Future

To maximize efficiency, we use heat pumps to increase the temperature from the data center up to 95 ° C.

CO₂ Heat Pumps

Some of our heat pumps are made from standard components that are specifically designed and approved for high temperatures with the environmentally friendly and future-oriented refrigerant CO₂ (R744).

Absorption Heat Pumps

The data centre in Falun is located next to a CHP plant that enable the use of highly efficient absorption heat pumps. They use steam as driving energy, and no electricity is required to produce prime district heating.

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