Our Data Centers

EcoDataCenter is the world’s greenest data center solution. We build and run climate-positive data centers for colocation and HPC. We have uniquely good access to renewable energy that gives us the huge amount of power and cooling needed to drive our facilities at a uniquely low cost. Our first facility is located in Falun, Sweden and is integrated into the energy ecosystem with Falu Energy and Water. We are getting renewable energy to power the data center and send back the surplus heat used to heat Falu city and run the pellets factory.

The World’s Greenest Data Center

Being the world’s greenest data center is made possible by only using renewable energy with very low carbon dioxide emissions. No nuclear power and no fossil fuel. Our energy efficiency is very high (our PUE number is 1.15), which we achieved through innovative design and well-proven technical systems. In addition, all heat from the data center is reused and creates positive effects for the nearby thermal power plant and the pellet mill. The impact on reduced fossil fuel consumption is so great that we become climate-positive.

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EcoDataCenters offer for Colocation and HPC

We offer very competitive prices for colocation and HPC. We manage to be so cost-effective in spite of high security and 100% operational safety because of our low energy consumption combined with extremely low energy prices.


EcoDataCenters offer with 100% uptime, highest security and outstanding sustainability, with a highly competitive Total Cost of Operations (TCO), changes the industry standard.

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High-Performance Computing

Power availability is often a shortage for larger HPC installations. Thanks to our innovative design and unique integration with a combined heating and power plant provides us with affluent capacity for both cooling and electricity.

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Our Data Center Location

Our data center in Falun is located on a greenfield site with a total area of 80.000 m2, located 1,4 km from the city center and 200 km northwest from Stockholm. The site has a campus design with 4 data center buildings, each with 3.400 m2 white space and up to 8 MW power and cooling. We have a total of 65 MW of redundant power diversely routed from independent and separate primary substations nearby. Estimated latency for wavelength transmission to Stockholm is 2-2,5 ms, with an additional 8-10 ms from Stockholm to Amsterdam and 11-14 ms to London.

Buildings are highly modular and can easily adjusted to customer needs. EcoDataCenter have the ambition to achieve LEED™ Platinum certification for the building and Tier IV certification from Uptime Institute® for the technical systems in the data center. Construction is ongoing and full scale customer operations is planned to start in Q4 2018.

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