Data Center Locations

EcoDataCenter is currently constructing data centers in Falun and Stockholm in Sweden.

Our data center in Falun is located on a greenfield site with a total area of 80.000 m2, located 1,4 km from the city center and 190 km northwest from Stockholm. The site have a campus design with 4 data center buildings, each with 3.400 m2 white space and up to 8 MW power and cooling. We have a total of 30 MW of redundant power diversely routed from independent and separate primary substations nearby. Estimated latency for wavelength transmission to Stockholm is 2-2,5 ms, with an additional 8-10 ms from Stockholm to Amsterdam and 11-14 ms to London.

Buildings are highly modular and can easily adjusted to customer needs. EcoDataCenter have the ambition to achieve LEED™ Platinum certification for the building and Tier IV certification from Uptime Institute® for the technical systems in the data center. Construction is ongoing and full scale customer operations is planned to start in Q3 2018.

More information about our data center in Stockholm will be announced later.