Services With World Class Performance

EcoDataCenter provides colocation data center solutions with world class performance to customers with mission-critical requirements. Our combination of unparalleled uptime, security, and sustainability at a very competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a paradigm shift for the entire industry. Our data center solutions are flexible and agile. As part of our modular design, we can offer highest performance – as well as providing a simpler solution if required. The wide range of choices available to customers is achieved through standardized modular state-of-the-art data rooms and technical subsystem designs.


100% Uptime

EcoDataCenter’s goal is to deliver 100% Uptime to its customers. We aim to be able to certify our facility as Tier IV at Uptime Institute. We guarantee that your servers are free from downtime.

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Unparalleled Security

Our data center is very safely located and provides state of the art passive and active security. We have the most modern safety systems available with an advanced safety system on our plant.

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World’s Greenest Data Center

EcoDataCenter is supplied with 100% renewable power, has superior energy efficiency and all surplus heat is reused. The net effect makes us the world’s first climate positive data center.

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Flexible and Agile Colocation Solutions

We offer fully customized solutions for larger customers in private rooms, private suites in shared rooms or customized cages. We also offer cabinets in shared space.


Customized Private Rooms

Private rooms are fully independent, small private data centers within our data center facility starting at 100 cabinets. They are fully flexible with their own dedicated cooling, power, and security systems.


Customized Private Suites

Private suites are fully customized small private data centers with shared cooling and power supply. Private suites are fully flexible and are offered to customers with 20 or more cabinets.


Customized Cages

We provide flexible cages starting at 10 cabinets. Our design can use solid sheet metal panels for greater privacy without impacting air flows, with secure solutions for raised flooring and dropped ceilings.

Thermal Management Solutions

We configure cabinet and space solutions for optimized air flows based on power densities. Our air containment solutions support both cold-aisle and hot-aisle segregation depending on customer requirements. Air containment solutions significantly reduce energy usage in cooling, which reduce your energy bill, and provide uniform IT inlet temperatures and eliminates hot spots typically found in data centers. Our data center experts helps you determine the most practical containment strategy for your server room. We can offer the following solutions:

Hot Aisle Containment

The hot aisle is enclosed to collect the IT equipment’s hot exhaust air, allowing the rest of the data center to become a large cold-air return plenum.  Hot and cold air streams are thereby separated.

Vertical Exhaust Ducts

Our vertical exhaust duct solution use a chimney that guides exhaust air from the back of the cabinet to an overhead drop ceiling, allowing the rest of the data center to become a large cold-air return plenum.

Cold Aisle Containment

The cold aisle is enclosed, allowing the rest of the data center to become a large hot-air return plenum. Cold aisle solutions has a roof structure installed at the top of the cabinets.

Power Solutions

Our data centers have redundant medium-voltage grid connections, and have multiple parallel fully-independent power systems with their own transformers, backup generator, UPS and power feeds to ensure maximum availability. Each system is fully compartmentalized all the way to the customer room.  Each cabinet has dual (A + B) power feed as a standard design. Additional C and D power feeds can be provided as an option.

Flexible Busway

Busbars with tap-off points are used for power transmission, providing quick installation and a high level of flexibility and reliability. Tap-off boxes range from 1-phase 16A 230V AC to 3-phase 63A.

Multiple Power Feeds

Our unique Green Power Concept is based on a multi feed redundant topology with four independent power supplies (A-D). The customer is able to choose from 1 to 4 independent UPS units to provide their load with uninterrupted power.

Energy Measurement

We measure and monitor actual energy usage for each customer in Power Distribution Units (PDUs) or energy meters in busbars. Incoming data allows you to diagnose faults and take immediate action.

Connectivity Solutions

EcoDataCenter is a carrier-neutral colocation data center provider. We offer network connectivity through multiple network carriers, including dark fiber providers and wavelength carriers. If your network carrier of choice is not already onsite, we can invite them to establish their presence in our data center on your behalf. We also provide connectivity between our different data centers.


Fiber-optic cables enter our data center via multiple underground points of entry for added security and diversity, leading to redundant centralized Meet-Me-Rooms. We offer fiber and copper connections.

Structured Cabling

We provide structured cabling solutions within the customer space. Our fully scalable design uses innovative and modular cabling solutions, including well-structured cabling with high port densities.

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