Designed to be Climate Positive

Through a combination of advanced design thinking and intelligent integration with the neighbouring energy ecosystem we have created a pioneering data center concept.

EcoDataCenter is designed to be the world’s first climate positive data center. See the video below how it works.

100% Renewable Green Power

The electricity available at the EcoDataCenter in Falun is 100% provided from renewable sources with extremely low life cycle CO₂ emissions and a very competitive energy cost. We are connected to large regional hydroelectric power stations, nearby wind farms, and a combined heating and power (CHP) plant located next to our data center.

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Superior Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Electrical and cooling systems have been designed with highest possible energy efficiency. The result is an outstandingly good energy efficiency factor for a Tier IV facility, with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness = Useful IT kW / Totally used kW) as low as at 1.15.

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Efficient Heat Reuse

Heat from servers in data centers is normally not reused, but instead wasted and released into the surroundings of the data center, creating a heat island. Our data centers are integrated in larger energy ecosystems, where the heat from the data center is reused for heating buildings or providing heat to industrial processes. A paradigm shift for a sustainable future.

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The World’s First Climate Positive Data Center

The combination of our green power, outstandingly good PUE and heat reuse are the foundations for the first climate positive data center. Heat from our data center replaces existing marginal heat production with high CO₂ emissions. This CO₂ replacement exceeds total CO₂ emissions from the power used by the data center during a year. The net effect is thus a reduction of total CO₂ emissions in the energy ecosystem, creating the first climate positive data center in the world.

LEED™ Platinum

EcoDataCenter intends to achieve LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification for the data center buildings in Falun. Our buildings will have a green roof which is good for energy conservation and improved thermal performance of buildings. The vegetation reduces temperature inside buildings, provides a CO₂ reduction and minimize storm water impact, as well as increase roof durability.

F-Gas Ready

EcoDataCenter’s cooling system is unique by not using any high GWP refrigerants at all. Global warming potential (GWP) is a relative measure of how much heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere. We use refrigerants that have a GWP of 0 or 1, compared to 1300-1700 for refrigerants like R134A and R410A used today. We already now fulfill the F-Gas Regulation adopted by EU to control emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). Contributing to a better and more sustainable world is our most important assignment.