Designed to be

the World’s First Climate Positive Data Center . We offer data center solutions with world class performance to customers with mission-critical requirements – at unparallelled low cost. Our first data center is located in Falun, Dalarna, in Sweden. Our solutions include colocation and HPC. We cooperate with a number of system integrators and cloud operators.

EcoDataCenter’s unique advantages

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100% Renewable Power

The electricity available at EcoDataCenter’s premises in Falun is 100% renewable. No fossile or nuclear power is used in the daily operations of the site.

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Energy Efficient Design

Electric and cooling systems have been designed for the highest energy efficiency and for enabling maintenance during ongoing operation with redundant solutions.

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Reuse of Data Center Heat

All excess heat is reused by Falu Heat and Power plant, eliminating marginal production of heat with fossil fuels. That is why we are a climate positive data center.

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When Downtime Is Not An Option

The First Data Center In The Nordics That Aims to Meet Uptime Institute Tier IV Specifications. Learn More

Striving for 100% Uptime

EcoDataCenter’s facility aims to meet the requirements for Uptime Institute Tier IV certification, but at the same time we have built in a flexibility to be able to offer all customers an appropriate solution adapted to specific needs. Simply put, this means that our power and cooling systems have enough backup systems for us to be able to guarantee zero interruptions.

Redundant Power System

Our data centers have multiple parallel fully-independent power systems. If one shuts down, the next one goes up. Learn More

Redundant Cooling System

Each data center has fully redundant cooling systems, independently capable of providing all cooling required. Learn More


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State of the Art Security

EcoDataCenter’s basic approach to site security design is the concept of layers of defense. These are multiple independent consecutive layers of protective measures deployed in concentric circles around buildings and within data centre buildings around private data rooms. They start from the outer perimeter and move inward to the area of the building or room with passive and active systems for detection, screening, monitoring, and actuation and delivery of corrective actions. Learn More


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Superior Total Cost of Ownership

IT managers face multiple challenges in their daily operations. All businesses today have to cope with the disruptions and opportunities of digitization within a constrained budget. Managing your own data center is not likely to be strategically important for most companies. This is why increasing numbers of companies are outsourcing their data center operations to third party colocation providers. The logic behind this trend is simply superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) . EcoDataCenter offer unparalleled TCO.

Reduced Capital Expense

It is difficult to right-size a in-house data center.  With us you can avoid new capex, “pay-as-you-grow”, and achieve economies of scale.

Reduced Energy Cost

Our data centers have better PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and lower energy cost than in-house or other colocation data centers in EU.

Lower Operational Expense

We have specialized expertise and processes to run extremely efficient operations that reduce cost and greatly reduces risk of downtime.

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